How much does a funeral cost?

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Legacy of Love
A New Way to Pre-Plan for your Funeral

At Legacy of Love, we want to assist you with outlining your desires, wishes and preferences for your funeral. We can also assist you with setting aside funding to support those wishes.

Why Should I Plan for My Funeral?

  • Legacy of Love provides you and your family the opportunity to pre-plan for your funeral wishes and the ability to email or share those wishes to your family, so they have them at the time of need.
  • It may spare your loved ones from having to make these difficult decisions at an emotional and distressing time.
  • It can assist in removing the financial burden from your family.
  • It may allow you to reduce your total assets if you seek to qualify for Medicaid benefits or other public assistance.
  • The insurance coverage intended to fund the preferences you identify in your Legacy of Love Plan can be used to pay for goods and services at any funeral home that you or your family choose. Since the Legacy of Love plan does not involve a contract with a funeral home, that choice can be made at the time of your passing.

Why Plan for Your Funeral Arrangements with Legacy of Love?

We pledge to:

  • Allow you to compare projected costs of funeral goods and services with no obligations.
  • Be available to guide and assist your family through a difficult process.
  • Inform your family, with your permission, regarding your preferences and desires.
  • Work with you to update your preferences if your needs, preferences, or desires change.
  • Determine the right amount of insurance coverage to fund your funeral preferences, which can be used at any funeral home your family desires or for any funeral or cemetery expenses they face.
  • Assist in obtaining life insurance coverage that can help fund your funeral preferences and:
    • Provides a death benefit that may increase over time to offset rising funeral costs.
    • Allows you to control where or to whom the policy proceeds are directed; and
    • May allow you to reduce your assets in connection with the qualification for Medicaid.
    • Keep the process as stress free and low pressure as possible.
  • Assist in planning for your funeral in the comfort of your home, or completely online.

Do I Need to Visit My Local Funeral Home to Plan for My Funeral?

It may not be beneficial for you to plan at your local funeral home:

  • Legacy of Love will assist in estimating the costs of funeral arrangements.
  • Legacy of Love offers a life insurance product that provides a death benefit at the time of your passing and provides you the flexibility to determine where these funds go and how they are used.
  • With Legacy of Love, you are not making actual funeral arrangements with a particular funeral home so your family may use any funeral home at your time of death.
  • The insurance policy allows you to name a beneficiary who will receive the funds.
  • Legacy of Love allows you the ability to compare estimated final arrangement costs without the need to have a conversation with multiple funeral homes.
  • We offer you and your family an independent concierge service, both at time of planning and time of need, to assist in:
    • Estimating the cost of your anticipated final arrangement expenses
    • Obtaining life insurance coverage that can help your family pay for those expenses
    • Being available to facilitate the final claim process to ensure that the proceeds are timely delivered and are available to help cover funeral expenses.
    • Providing peace of mind that your family has a plan to cover end-of-life (or other) expenses that may arise
    • Conveying your exact wishes to your family and the funeral home they chose.
    • Preparing before the need arises may help in the prevention of "Emotional Over-Spending" when the need does arise.

62.5% of Americans feel it's very important to talk to others about funeral plans.
(but only 21.4% have done so)
* Source: National Funeral Directors Association

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